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Spring Clean-Up & Dethatching


Spring cleanups are done from the beginning of April into the beginning of May. We blow out leaves and debris around the house and landscaped areas, etc. and bag all leaves and debris and haul it out for disposal The average yard spring cleanup takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. Dethatch is done the same time as spring cleanup. Also during spring clean up we preform dethatching, like Aeration, dethatching is a beneficial cultivation practice because it contributes to improved rooting and reduced compaction. Thatch is the accumulation of under-decomposed organic matter. This layer is made up of a mixture of stems, leaves and roots, dead or alive. It accumulates between the soil and the lawn surface, thus reducing rooting and causing soil compaction.

Weekly Mowing

April – November

Weekly mowing is done on a contract basis. Our team will take care of your lawn care needs on a weekly basis with our professional equipment, to give you the best results. Weekly mowing includes trimming, with weeding as an additional option. For more information on our weekly mowing program, or for a quote, please contact Priority One Lawn Care.

Lawn Treatments (Fertilizer & Weed Control

May – September

Experts agree that the secret to optimal lawn health is through granular slow-release fertilizer. Our fertilizers are formulated in a low release form of sulfur coated urea which feeds the lawn slowly over a 4-6 week period.
Our trained technicians use broadcast spreaders which ensure a consistent discharge of fertilizer. Our fertilizers produce strong roots and grass that resist weeds, diseases, and insects.
Broadleaf weed control is made at the peak germination periods of unwanted weeds. We use a rotation of three different chemicals manufactured to provide an integrated and diverse program that ensures that unwanted broadleaf weeds don’t become immune to the active ingredients in the formula.
Our products are guaranteed effective for correcting weed imbalances caused by invasions of broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clover, and thistle. Once these weeds are removed, your grass can thrive, resulting in a lush, thick lawn with a strong root system. The thicker the lawn, the less chance for weeds to germinate.

Microbial Aeration

May – September

We have a technology that allows us to relieve your soil compaction without disturbing the surface of your lawn. Please click the link below to watch a 2-minute video about Microbial Aeration. It allows us to aerate your lawn without the traditional mechanical machine that can damage sprinkler heads and invisible fence lines. Also, no more messy dirt plugs! It’s a game changer!

 Click here to learn more about Microbial Aeration for your lawn!

Grass needs sunlight and water, but there’s another vital part to your lawn’s well being, and that’s entirely under the surface. Compacted soil can halt the growth of root systems, reduce the absorption of nutrients and water, and generally smother your grass! After a year of mowing your lawn, after periods of soil saturation and then the sun just baking everything in between rain storms, your soil is definitely in need of aeration

Mulch Refreshing

May – September

New Mulch is added to landscaping and flower bed, etc. to give a crisp, new look to your property. We have a wide range of vibrant earthy colors to compliment your existing buildings and foliage.

Fall Clean Up

September – November

Blowing all turf areas, landscaped areas, curb lines, sidewalks, ground-level patios, etc; removal of leaves and debris; perennial cutbacks; final mowing following clean-up

Dog Waste Pick-Up

All Year (weekly)

Our goal is to remove the unpleasant chore of pet waste removal from pet ownership. Aside from the smelly aspect of cleaning up after your pets, it can be unhealthy as well. Parasites such as roundworm, hookworm and other parasitic worms and diseases may be passed on to humans and animals. We can make your life easier and environment safer by providing cleanup and removal of pet waste. The waste is put into plastic bags and put into your garbage can or for a small fee we can dispose of it for you.

Mosquito Control

May – September

Our mosquito control eliminates mosquitoes and other pesky insects outside like ticks, fleas, spiders, ants, wasps, and more. Get back to enjoying your yard!

Snow Removal

We offer snow removal during the winter months! We blow the snow, we do not push it. No big piles at the driveway corners and no turf damage. We also offer sidewalk shoveling, return service for city plow ridges, driveway snow blowing/plowing (dependent on area) and hand shoveling of sidewalks/aprons, patios, etc. Contact us today for a free quote! We offer great monthly and seasonal rates!

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House Cleaning Services

Priority One Lawn Care also offers house cleaning through a related 3rd party company. For more information and quote details, please contact Andrea Salzer at 952-451-9209.

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