It all depends on when the storm starts and when it ends. If the snow has stopped falling by 12AM the driveways will normally be clear by 8AM (at least a first pass to allow passage of vehicles). In the event of a continuous snow storm throughout the day, we would pass back through the entire route insuring easy passage back into your drive after work. The snow storms don’t always fit the “stop snowing by 12AM schedule”—for example, if it stops snowing at 6AM we won’t have the driveways cleared by 8AM—neither will the town have cleared all the neighborhood streets.

We cannot give you an exact time as to when your driveway will be cleared because it all depends on when the snow starts. We have a 1″ trigger point which means that we will come out for snow storms that leave an accumulation of 1 inches or more. You are never going to have so much snow in your driveway that you cannot get out. Vehicles (especially 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles) can drive over a few or more inches of snow. Even if we have not made a pass by the time that you need to leave the house, your car can most definitely drive over it and by the time you get home, we would have done at least one pass, most likely more.